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We couldn’t bring you all this amazing content without the help from our partners. These are great people; experts in their field and patrons in our community. If you are looking for a specialist, please make sure to contact be of our partners.

You know them for the Powerball, but did you know they are a powerhouse for our state? Thanks to your love of playing the games responsibly, Colorado Lottery has given 3.7 billion dollars back into the parks, trails, pools, open space, schools and wildlife conservation of our state. I grew up camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains and went to college in the Western Slope…I love our beautiful state and I’m so grateful that the Colorado Lottery believes in my show and my mission to help people live more fulfilled lives. That means being healthy and happy from the inside out…and enjoying the 42,000 miles of trails that we are blessed with in Colorado. So play on and hike on!


When I was looking for legal expert to be a part of my vision, all roads kept taking me to Ramos Law. They Checked every box with how prestigious and successful and involved in the community they are. But, as I’ve gotten to know them…I’ve realized how personable, down to earth and easy to talk to they are. . Ramos law is very unique because Dr. Ramos is a lawyer and a doctor. Both services in one helping you get jHe truly cares about helping people. His determination to right wrongs in the world is truly inspiring and I just love being around him and his amazing team. What makes them different really does make them better.


Leading a healthy life is important and it should be important to everyone. Fit MD takes you on a wellness journey. From understanding your blood work to your weight, hormones and yes…even psychology. I have always struggled with my health…and FIT MD is helping me become the best version of me that I can be. In turn, I want to share my experience to help others do the same. Live Optimized.


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