Kathie’s Community Profiles

Eating one once of dark chocolate a day is good for your health. Julie Nygard, the Founder of The Chocolate Therapist shares more about the health benefits of chocolate. She also teaches us how chocolate is made.
The Peoples Doctor, Dr. Terri, discusses her life and what she wants us all to do to keep a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Rockstar Master Stylist, Ergun Tercan shares his story of coming to America. He also talks about why he’s so passionate about hair.
Kirk Barnett, was married, had kids and then started working on himself. It was then that he found his truth. Hear the rest of his story and find out why it’s never too late to become who you really are.
Sharon Vigil is the first female President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. We’ll find out her amazing story thanks to the outreach program at Ramos Law.
Sherown Campbell talks about how hard work and determination helped him relearn how to walk after being paralyzed from the shoulders down.