Hi everyone, I’m Kathie J. I’ve dreamed about having my own talk show since I was a little girl and (yay!) my dream came true all thanks to hard work and vision! Many of you know me already from my 20 years in Denver radio or from co-hosting The Everyday Show.

For those that don’t – I live, love and play in Colorado and am so proud to call it home! Like many of you, I wear a lot of hats: working mom, wife, daughter, animal advocate and so much more. I am passionate about helping people and this show gives me that platform.

On The Kathie J show, you’re going to hear what’s going on in my world, and I want to talk about what’s going on in your world. This show is about us. The goal is to build a stronger connection and community right here in Colorado. We will tackle some tough issues, hopefully learn a little and highlight some amazing people – but I promise you we will laugh along the way because it truly is the best medicine. So check me out at weekdays 9am on KCDO / Local 3 and let’s start talking!